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My sense of humour has been a defence mechanism for years. I have armoured myself with the power of

silliness my entire life.

Coming from a rough childhood and
dealing with complex PTSD and anxiety,

I have developed a hard-wired sense

of the absurd to deflect against

negativity that I still use to this day.


The further I dive into this idea of silly,

the more I realise how powerful an attuned sense of playfulness can be for anyone!

kids and adults alike.


Do you know the feeling when you do something kind for someone or give someone a gift? Well, it’s that feeling! But while wearing
a silly hat!


This kind of silly exposure is super fun and super healthy, especially for people who normally wouldn't dare to dress up publicly

and look silly. And remember, if you are shy, in

a group you will share that “embarrassment”

a little, and the freedom of fun will surround you like a force field, or “Safety in dumb-bers”

if you will.

Watch out for the Buzz phrase
“child-mode” we are at the forefront of 

a whole new way of being happy.

I am currently studying for my diploma in psychology and counselling, so this
is front and centre of my interest in therapy.


The way I see it, Silly and play are almost

like a meditation of joy, except this energy is expressed outwards, not inwards.

And so here we are!


A day to celebrate your inner idiot.

Sam Simmons


I've grown up with a few besties:

The bad sads (my name for depression), whirlybirds (my name

for anxiety). Welcomed a new gang member recently, ADHD (untitled at

this stage, I'm open to naming suggestions?).

These buddy's come with some pretty great gifts, for instance: whirlybirds fill me with so much nervous energy I love to chat, like a lot! The bad sads allows me not to sweat the small stuff, ADHD allows me to look at things creatively from another perspective.

Although they aren't always the perfect friends, there are ways we can use/get the best out of them. I use mine for creativity. Working as a designer in a creative space allows me to breathe. When I am creating, I'm in my happy place. Add in laughter, a touch of dork and the occasional silly outfit ( I can be found wearing some ridiculous fits in front of my computer for the sole purpose of making oneself laugh). 
In these moments, I find the best results in work and life. 

Silly is mega fun, GREAT for health and a perfect release for yourself and those around you. It's also a prrreeeetty great feeling to smile and lend that smile to someone else at your own expense. 


So stoked to be working with Sam on this excellent charity and can't wait to go for a mega fun super Silliest Billiest

walkaroony with you all! 


Jaz Lynch

My TED talk from 2012



(well the beginning of my wish list)

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